USA Select Elite Division

♦ Invitations to the Teams/Coaches that have established themselves in National Championship Events or

   teams that have won (2) USSSA Tournaments or an Elite Select Qualifier

♦ Applications will always be considered if you feel we need to reconsider for other reasons

♦ ES Qualifers will be an instant way to break into this Elite program CLICK for SCHEDULE

♦ Probabtion period for Quaifing teams until Invitation is given

♦ National Qualifiers will be only way to win a berth to this Elite Select World Series

     Oct. 22/23, 2017 NorthernCalifornia

♦ This program will feed directly into our COLLEGE SHOWCASE program

♦ The Elite Select Nor Cal Committee will make all final decisions

Frequently asked Questions

♦ Elite Select Registration $60  CLICK HERE

♦ Insurance-ALL Associations are acceptable or USSSA Insurance

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