♦ The Northern California USA Elite Select program is all about more competition here local and less travel.

♦ We need to strengthen our Nor Cal Showcase Program and have more competition coming our way more often.

♦ We will provide: Great fields, clean bathrooms, the best umpires, the best teams, the best players, and the best coaches

in a showcase tournament format with a winner when possible.

♦ Every Tournament will include:  Saturday games that are extemely competitive.  Sundays games will have a winner.


1. Our Vision is to centralize Northern California's best teams. organizations, coaches, and players 
into the

highest quality of softball events possible.  We will host National Qualifiers,College Showcase and

Invitational Tournaments in Northern/Central California-Northern Nevada with the best competition in the Nation.

2.  Bring College Coaches and Nationally ranked Elite Travel Ball teams and organizations to the area for the best

showcase events in the United States.

3.  Give back to the kids and families by providing cost effective and affordable high quality National Qualifiers

 and College Showcase Events that minimize the need for exorbitant travel costs. 

4.  Have USSSA Pride Professional players teaching and motivating our Elite talent here locally.

5  Have our  Nor Cal Elite Select teams be considered some of the best in the world at their age bracket. 



♦ Our goal is to become the top organization for elite fastpitch competition in the Nation.

♦ We will be the recruiting centerpiece for fastpitch softball by offering top-level tournaments and camps with college

exposure, a technology-based recruiting center, and educational center for athletes and parents.

♦ We are committed to providing athletes, coaches and parents with educational resources in one central location. -

♦ See more at: USA ELITE SELECT

♦ Our focus will be to bring this fastpitch game back to all about the kids, and less about the money.

♦ Get more college exposure through our LIVE video streaming each weekend.

♦ Host Nationally reconized Showcase events and have a Elite Select World Series qualifier here in Nor Cal.