Queen of the Hill 2018 Special Rules

  • We will be bringing in the fences/Cones closer, to allow extra Home Runs.
  • The Cones are used as an invisible fence on fly balls & line drives. But not on ground balls.
  • Balls hit over the cones on the fly or line drives will be declared a home run.
  • Ground Balls that roll past the cones will play live.
  • UMPIRES will make judgement calls, as we they no instant replay!
  • Balls that land close to the cones will be declared a HOME RUN that are NOT caught.
  • Balls that are caught close to the cones will be declared an OUT.
  • Please keep the game fun for the players/coaches/parents/umpires-
  • NO COMPLAINING or you will be ejected!
  •  Awards
  • (1) New bat will be awarded in each age division for the top home run hitter.  
  • *In the event of a tie, there will be other awards instead.
  • ALL TEAMS recieve a GOLDEN GLOVE Award & DIRTY GIRL Award.  
  • Coaches or Players can decide the winners. 


  • After each home run hit the player must get the Home Run card from the umpire
  • Players need to turn in each home run card the are awarded to the Tournament Director to get credit for each home
  • It is the Players responsibilty to follow up on each home run after each game
  • Parents should not contact anyone only the coaches can follow up after each game


   Fences Distances about:   

  • 18U-Cones at about 180'
  • 16U Cones at about 180'
  • 14U Cones at  about 160'
  • 12U Cones at about 140'
  • 10U Cones at about 130'