Rain-Out Refunds-no cash will be given

– 0 games played: Full Refund- Once a game starts it is considered a full game. (exception) Specialty events may have different Policy

– 1 or 2 games played: Divided the entry fee by minimum # of games played. Refund amount is the games remaining. For example, for a $300 tournament where only one game is played, the team would be entitled to a 67% refund, $200.- 3 games played: No Refund

– Once a game starts it is considered to be a game played.

Northern California Fast-Pitch
Tournament Withdrawal Procedures

USSSA • NSA • All World Sports

Should your team withdraw for any reason from any Northern California sports association’s tournament once the team has been entered, the cancellation/withdrawal must occur no later than 6 p.m. on the Monday prior to the tournament, or prior to the brackets/game times being posted on the association’s Northern California websites. If you have confirmed you are in 100% with no chance of dropping out, then please don’t ask for a refund. 

Furthermore, an email sent or voice mail left, must be confirmed by the respective tournament director.  Until the director responds to and/or confirms your cancellation, your team is still in the tournament.     

Should your team cancel after the specifications listed above, your team is still responsible for the entire entry fee of said tournament.  Unpaid entry fees will result in the team and each individual player being placed on all Northern California associations’ Suspended Lists until payment is made in full.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation by notifying all tournament directors well in advance should your team withdraw from a tournament.  Thanks for playing with all our Northern California sports associations. 


In the case of State, Regional, National, NIT, Midnight Madness & Large events/ Big League Dreams Manteca/ Twin Creeks, and/or World events, brackets may be drawn up to two (2) weeks in advance.  In situations such as these specialty events, team withdrawals must occur prior to entry deadline or completion of brackets.

Entry/Pull-Out Fees

$50 Late-Pullout Fee (less than 5 days before the event)

Wednesday is to late

Tuesday is probably to late

Monday is fine

We do NOT refund once your check is cash after Tuesdays

Teams pulling out after the brackets or game times are done or when sold out are responsible for the entire entry fee.

If we can replace your team, we will only charge the $50 pullout late fee.

“No-Show” Fee:

Teams that do not show up for a later game (thereby shorting another team a game) will be charged a $75 fee. That fee will be given to the opposing team.
Teams that no show for events are responsible for entire entry fee & possible suspension.
MANAGERS ARE RESPONSIBLE TO MAKE SURE TEAM IS LEAGAL- Note that entries are official when your enter at our website. If you need help with roster, registering or paying with credit card contact me ASAP at
If you are entering more then one team, you must submit each team separately.
Check my message board or call event director for game times on Thursday.

$50 for all bounced check fee.

All Star Tournaments Softball reserves the right to modify game times, tournament location and or structure due to field conditions, time constraints, park rental issues, or inclement weather.

All teams accept the above policies and guidelines upon entering any tournament

“Leaving Early during the event” Fee:

Any team that leaves the event early without playing their scheduled games will owe a fee of $75.

This fee will be given to the team that got shorted 1-2 games

This is done so all teams get the guaranteed number of games

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