January 16th – 17th

Sacramento:  Sacramento Softball Complex

Age / Class: 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U
Entry Fee: $250 (3) Games Saturday OR $250 (3) Games Sunday

We run a (2) Man umpire system in our friendlies.

We supply:



(1) hour (15-30) Minute Time limit-drop dead

Unlimited courtesy runners * Bat your roster-no MAX

No line ups needed * showcase rules

Have fun! Let the parents know this is NOT the World Series

Contact Information:
Email: astlanceoliver@gmail.com



Game Times are POSTED above TEAM LIST
ALL GAMES have been moved to FREEDOM PARK


Here’s the Rules for Freedom Park:
Address to the park: 5891 Dudley Blvd
McClellan Park, CA 95652

*No parking in the Cal Fitness parking lot or you will be towed away instantly
*No Dogs or cats or pets allowed
*No Sunflower seeds or Shelled nuts allowed or you will be removed from the park
*Outside food and drink is allowed, but please keep the park clean
*No scooters or toys with wheels inside the park
*No alcohol allowed inside the park or in the parking lot
*Sneaking in alcohol is grounds for team ejection-set a good example please for the kids
*No smoking or tobacco allowed in the park
*No unsportsmanlike conduct allowed from parents-Let the kids play and the coaches coach
*Complaining is not good for the game, so keep it fun for the kids as umpires are human and are not perfect.

Everyone loves clean bathrooms, so please take pride in keeping them clean all day every day.
Please help by not throwing anything on the ground and this helps our staff keep it clean and fully stocked.

Foul balls are dangerous and safety nets have been installed, but still be aware of foul balls or flying bats .
Good luck this weekend and have fun!

AST management



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